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Most people don’t know this,
but your gut makes up 80% of your immune system!

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Bone Broth Gut Health

A healthy gut is one of the prime factors of health.  When one’s gut and digestive system are healed and working as they should, one absorbs and digests nutrients properly.

When one’s intestinal lining becomes too damaged and permeable it lets undigested food and disease inducing bacteria to seep from one’s gut and into the bloodstream. This is called “Leaky Gut.” The body then begins to combat itself because it sees the food particles as potential invaders- which creates an autoimmune condition. Most food allergies, autoimmune diseases, asthma, skin conditions, eczema, digestive disorders, chronic fatigue and more are created by a leaky gut lining. Leaky gut bothers a huge percentage of the population and is getting worse because of bad food choices, increasing stress, toxins from the environment, overuse of pain killers, antibiotics, birth control and other medications.

Bone broth is great for gut health because it helps heal gut seepage. The gelatin and collagen in bone broth heals the lining of one’s digestive tract. The collagen in bone broth will help heal your gut’s lining and decrease inflammation in the intestines.


Bone Broth For Leaky Gut

How can you use bone broth for leaky gut syndrome? If you've heard of bone broth, you've probably heard of leaky gut. Well what is bone broth, what is leaky gut, and how does bone broth help to heal it?

If the lining of your digestive system becomes weak and allows food particles, toxins and bacteria to escape through it, that's leaky gut. It causes sickness, because your gut has its own ecology that is foreign to the rest of your body.

Why would you get a leaky gut to begin with? All of our body contains collagen, even our digestive system. It's a strong yet flexible connective tissue, so you can see how it would matter to your stomach and intestinal lining. If your body isn't able to get enough of the right amino acids to produce collagen where it is needed, things get weaker and don't work like they should. This includes your digestive system.

As you may know by now, bone broth contains lots of collagen when it is made correctly. When you ingest it, your body will have an easier time turning something that was once collagen into usable tissue as opposed to trying to manufacture it out of completely different building blocks, though it can. Why let that extra strain onto your body, when all it needs is a little bone broth?

So by consuming bone broth, which is easily digestible, your stomach can start to slowly heal itself of 'leaky gut syndrome'. Your body will have an easy time assimilating the elements of the bone broth and converting them into something useful, right where it is needed. As your stomach gets patched up, those things that are peculiar to your stomach ecology stop leaking out into the rest of your body. Bone broth gives your stomach a break and nourishes it, so now the ecology of your digestive system is a little stronger, a little cleaner since it detoxifies it, and you have a much more stable digestive system to work with.

Leaky gut reaches as far as causing or contributing to things like asthma, food allergies, skin conditions, immune deficiencies, and even chronic fatigue and perhaps even how you feel psychologically. Bone broth contains conditionally essential amino acids like proline, glycine, glutamine and arginine, that have an array of beneficial effects on your body when it can just easily grab these amino acids instead of having to make them itself; wouldn't you agree your body has better things to do? Especially in times of illness or wound healing, your body is already taxed heavily to repair that damage, so supplying it what it needs directly makes the recovery process much faster.

Consider if you were building a shed with nothing but hand tools and a couple of helpers. How fast could you build that shed if you were supplied lumber and nails as compared to getting the wall frames already put together, ready to just raise and nail together at the corners? That's the work load you're putting on your body when you're trying to heal from something and you don't have collagen rich foods like bone broth in your diet.

The same analogy could also be applied to bone broth; it's one of the easiest ways to give your body what it needs to heal a leaky gut. Sure, your body can find its own way to heal from it if you supply it with other things, but for all the trouble it would take to avoid bone broth and still heal your leaky gut, you may as well just drink some bone broth!


GAPS Bone Broth

GAPS bone broth dieting is critical to your gut health. The Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet (GAPS Diet) is all about healing your digestive tract health from ailments such as Leaky Gut Syndrome and other food sensitivities. This means lots of bone broth, as it would seem, and here's why:

Bone broth supplies your body with tons of collagen, which is 25-35% of your entire body! This includes your digestive tract; your stomach and intestines. By supplying your body with a rich bone broth formula full of amino acids that it can easily convert and use for itself, it patches up any weak spots in your stomach lining and detoxifies your entire gut. Bone broth is also easily digestible, making it ideal for a GAPS diet.

Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride came to the conclusion that much of our psychological health, let alone our physical health, is due to the ecology of our stomach and digestive tract as a whole. By restoring a balanced ecology to our guts, we can digest and process our foods properly and better extract the nutrients from them. Natasha Campbell McBride also recommends consuming some of the fats from the animal also, as these supply vitamins and usable amino acids. She says bone broth is more than just recommended, but really a staple of the diet that heals your gut and even improves how you feel and perform emotionally; the GAPS diet.

You can either make your own bone broth or buy a supply of it that is made to a high quality standard when you decide to start a GAPS diet. GAPS bone broth would have to be free of everything except meat and bones, vegetables and herbs, and perhaps some salt to taste. There are recipes for bone broth to be found online that are good for GAPS, or it can be ordered and shipped to your door like “Pure Bone Broth” from STRAWMAN FARM 
After the initial stages of introducing yourself to the GAPS diet and drinking lots of bone broth, along with consuming only foods with meat, eggs, and vegetables, you can begin branching out into other foods. At some point even getting back into dairy with probiotics. It's important to discuss your diet with a physician or nutritionist if you are serious about your health and how your food will affect it.