Strawman Farm  was founded on the idea to bring top quality, ethically raised bison meat directly to the people: ranch to table. Although Strawman Fram was founded in 2009,     Bob and Lori Holm  along with Sons Stephan, Dylan,  and Liam,  are dedicated to a lifestyle of watching over and caring for their herds in a humane and ethical way – with no growth hormones or steroids, antibiotics, vaccines or Grains they  allow the herds to roam free, minimally handled for most of their lives.

Bob and family's Humanely Ranch Raised approach  to raising their bison results in a
quality of bison meat that is at the top of the industry.

What does 'Hunamely  Ranch Raised' mean?

1. At the Strawman operation  we take great care in raising our bison herd in a low stress lifestyle, keeping in mind the quality of life for our animals, the impact our ranch and process has on the environment and the impact our actions have on the quality of our finished bison meat product.
The following is our promise to you.

2. We NEVER use antibiotics, growth hormones, steroids or vaccines on our bison.  It is so important to us that we keep our finished bison product 100% All natural.

3. Our bison have lots of room to roam, graze and grow. The space we give our bison herds allow them to remain wild and live on their instincts according to their own social hierarchies. Throughout the course of their lives, our bison are minimally handled, respected and humanely treated.

4. Strawman Farm  (The family) care about their land, their animals and sustainability. They oversee all operations on their ranches and are hands on with the management of their herd. The meat we sell across the province is the same meat we put on their own table and share with our family and Friends.

5. With the new edition to our Beautiful 2000 square foot commercial kitchen we do everything we can to ensure that the meat we produce is with us throughout the entire cycle from ranch to plate. Our growing operation is more and more allowing us to raise our bison from birth and oversee the process all the way through production.

You can feel good about putting Strawmanfarm bison meat on your table because we feel good about the high standards we live by to produce it. You can rest easy knowing that the meat we send you is 100% natural meat from a ranch that cares about its herd and the land.


BISON MEAT IS HEALTHY - Bison meat, often referred to as buffalo meat, is high in protein, iron and other nutrients, while lower in calories, fat and cholesterol than other meats. The nutrition comparisons, speak for itself. Bison is a naturally, lean meat - bison have low amounts of body fat and consist primarily of muscle, resulting in leaner cuts of meat. Additionally, at Strawman Farm  all our bison are raised naturally - without the use of antibiotics, growth hormones, steroids or vaccines.

BISON MEAT TASTES GOOD - Bison produces a healthy and delicious meat that can be used in all the same ways as beef. But it's the taste of bison that will really win you over. With a rich, slightly sweet flavor, the taste of bison is becoming more and more popular across the Canada.

RAISED RESPONSIBLY - Because of the nature of bison, they are minimally handled. We allow our bison to roam free on the ranch for most of their life.

We treat each of our animals with the utmost respect throughout their lifetime.