Eat better beef with Strawman Farm grass-fed. Our beef is always grass-fed, 100% free range (NO feedlots ever), NEVER contains added hormones, and is raised according to strict animal welfare protocols.

“Grass-Fed for All” is our passion and inspiration. We offer a wide range of products and pricing so everyone can experience the superior taste and health benefits of grass-fed beef. It’s better for you, the farmers, the animals and the environment. It’s beef/bison as it should be.

Want to see Strawman Farm at your supermarket? Print and fill out the request form, then give it to your friendly meat manager.

As a pioneer in grass-fed beef/bison, Strawman Farm stands for a core set of principles: promoting health and wellness, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability. Every decision regarding supply, product, and partners is guided by these principles, shaping our vision and actions.In a highly scrutinized industry with a history of troubled practices, you can rely on Strawman Farm.

A collaboration on food security with the Kikino Metis Settlement. 
Strawman Farm works closely with Kikino Metis Sattlement  to raise cattle as nature intended. Unlike the conventional meat industry, Kikino cattle are grass-fed, 100% free range, and never confined to industrial feedlots. They are never given sub-therapeutic antibiotics or added hormones. Our organic programs never use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. These practices are not only healthier for the land, animal, and farmer, but they also help produce a better quality beef product. While others may take shortcuts to get a product to market at the cheapest price, the priority at Strawman Farm is to ensure the highest quality possible throughout the supply chain.he priority at Strawman Farm is to ensure the highest
quality possible throughout the supply chain.