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Ben Sabet PhD
Intercultural International Education
Community Engagement & Program Development
Food Literacy Program SpecialistEducator, Researcher, Program and Community Developmental Consultant, Architect: Bridging Cultures, CEO: Business Mentor

It does not matter who we are, what we do,

how rich and poor we are financially or intellectually....
The more knowledgeable we become the more pious we should become....
What it matters the most is how kind we are and how much kindness we leave behind

and beyond in this world and the life after.
"We are born to connect..." (Rumi) acting as an Architect for Bridging Cultures....
As we explore there are more cultural similarities we ought to understand,

respect, embrace the cultural differences.
Positive Energy Quote: Let us observe, enjoy, and celebrate all colors in the Mother Nature from one season to another so as on Global Earth among all well being from one region to another.

 Univ. of Utah (1982 to 88),

Univ. of Ferdowsi (1988 to 94),

Univ. of Alberta (1994 to Present)

My Version of a Whirling Darvish Dance: My Lived Expriences and Circle of Life in a Glance:
Company NameUniv. of Utah (1982 to 88), Univ. of Ferdowsi (1988 to 94), Univ. of Alberta (1994 to Present)
Dates EmployedAug 1976 – Present  Employment Duration41 yrs
LocationTehran, San Luis Obispo, Logan, Mashhad, Edmonton
Being as an Educator, Researcher, Director, Manager, Consultant, Capacity Builder, Change Agent, Agricultural and Food Scientist, Self Employed, Laborer, Volunteer, Chef, Husband, and/or Father has been so fortunate going through many life transformations.

Oh Heart! Be Faithful in your Love and Passion
Indeed, this Journey is most Rewarding with your Patience <Hafiz, Persian Poet>

Once we reach to understand Teaching is another form of Learning then we start another life journey with higher awareness on all subjects for learning:

Intercultural Understanding
Cultural Diversity and Inclusion
Peace Education and Conflict Resolution
Culture and Language
Agricultural Education and Extension
Food and Nutrition
Culinary Arts
Prevention and Sustainability
Community Development and Capacity Building
Mindfulness Movement.....
Universal Wisdom
Respect for all Life
A Silk Road Journey
Cultural Similarities and Differences

Then we begin:

Promoting one world citizenship with no national boundaries for connecting everyone and everything together

Becoming a mindful, heartfelt, humble, and happy teacher and learner for exploring and learning more about everyone and everything

Searching, sustaining, and promoting an inside out balanced life journey filled with love, respect, and peace for everyone and everything in the Mother Earth

Life is like building a Pearl in your own shell
Life is like sinking into a Flame but not getting Inflamed <Iqbal Lahooi>

Sabzy Restaurant
Company Name Sabzy Restaurant
Dates Employed Aug 2008 – Apr 2016 

Employment Duration7 yrs 9 mos

 Location1st: 10416 82 Ave. Edmonton, AB. T6E 2A2; 2nd:: 9314 34 Ave. T6E 5X8

Sabzy Restaurant has prepared and served Fresh, Green, Lean,

and clean food for body, mind, soul and good for heart as well
Sabzy has always placed something green beside each dish

to remind there is something green about it
Sabzy has brought to Edmonton the most Ancient cuisines of the World

in a most Authentic, Natural and Home Style way possible
Sabzy Family has been sharing and exchanging invaluable Food Knowledge

and Experience with everyone to become a conscious diner
Sabzy Family has been thinking and acting locally, globally, and universally

to promote One Global Earth
So as Food connects Everyone and Everything.
Sabzy Restaurant Link: https://www.sabzy.net/story/
Google+ Link: https://plus.google.com/104720432904360895009/posts

 University of Alberta
Company Name University of Alberta
Dates EmployedSep 1998 – Jan 2014

Employment Duration15 yrs 5 mos
LocationDepartment of Modern Language and Cultural Studies,
Designed and Taught an Introductory Persian Language

Course (100 level full year) at the Department pf

Comparative Literature, Religion, Film/Media Studies (CLRFMS)
Built a user friendly, comprehensive, interactive

Website for this course which allowed virtual

teaching and learning including all available instructional tools

and practices and the use of WebCt and Wimba

Designed and Taught Courses on Persian Language and Culture

(Pers111, 112, 211, 212, 311, 312)
First in Canada since 1998
 Multicultual Health Broker Cooperative
Education and Research Consultant, Program Designer, and professional Trainer

Company Name Multicultual Health Broker Cooperative
Dates EmployedJan 2003 – Jan 2009

Employment Duration6 yrs 1 mo
Location Edmonton, Canada Area
Community Development Projects
Program Planning for Community and Capacity Building,

Organizational and Leadership Development
Training Trainers and Community Leaders

as Community Animators, Facilitators, or Mentors
Designing Extensive Workshops on Cultural Competencies,

Cross-Cultural Education, Intercultural Understanding,

Cultural Diversity and Inclusion, Conflict Resolution,

Volunteer Works, Recruitment and Retention
Planning Events, Designing and

Facilitating Workshops for Training Event Planners
Providing Culinary Arts and Hospitality Services

Univerity of Alberta
Instructor and Facilitator
Company Name Univerity of Alberta
Dates EmployedJan 2000 – Jan 2004 

Employment Duration 4 yrs 1 mo
LocationTechnolgy Training Centre (TTC in Common Knowledge)
Computer Summer Camp Program:
Designed and Taught Computer Workshops for Kids and Youth
Developed and Facilitated various Programs,

Indoor and Outdoor Activities, and Events (Games and Sports)

 University of Alberta
Research Assistant, IT Officer, Event Planner,

Facilitator, Gradaute Student Representative
Company Name University of Alberta
Dates EmployedJan 1998 – Apr 2003 

Employment Duration5 yrs 4 mos
Location Department of Educational Policy Studies
Designed and Built the First Comprehensive Department Website

Including all Academic and Office Staff with their Photos and Portfolios as a Directory and a Complete Guide for a Journey Through Educational Policy Studies and Programs

and Administrative Affairs
Filtering, Upgrading, and Compiling Information

about all Old Documents for FOIP Act (Freedom of Information Privacy Protection)
Planning and Facilitating Socio-Cultural Events Connecting Everyone
Welcoming and Assisting New Students, Visiting Scholars,

and Conference Speakers and Participants
Supervising Computer Laboratory and Printing Services
Acting as Graduate Student Representative in Department Council

and Selection Committee for Hiring
Designed a database for the PACT Survey Project

(Parents Advocating for Children and Teachers) Information
Coordinated and Facilitated numerous meetings, dialogues, exhibitions, and conferences
Provided technical and support services for use of computer and multimedia

 University of Alberta
Research Assistant, IT Expert, Consultant,

Event Planner, Organizer, and Facilitator
Company Name University of Alberta
Dates Employed Jan 1997 – Apr 2003 

Employment Duration6 yrs 4 mos
Location Center for International Education

and Development (CIED), Dept. of EPS
Completed the First and Most Comprehensive Alumni Directory

of International Students and Scholars Associated with CIED,

Educational Policy Studies Department (a data bank from 330 surveys and 35 countries)
Organized International Conferences on World Peace and Indigenous People
Established Communication and Networking with International Organizations and Local Immigrant Community Agencies
Designed, Facilitated, and Presented Talk Series,

One Day Seminars, Training Workshops
Promoted CIED and Linked it with Stake Holders and Community Leaders
Designed and Built First CIED's Website
Published and Distributed Pamphlets and Newsletters
Organized Social Activities and Dialogue Sessions
Moderated and Chaired Meetings and Correspondences
Welcomed, Accommodated and Gave Tours for

Visiting Scholars and Facilitated Their Talks and Projecs
Provided Consultation and Assisted the Centre with all IT Related Matters,

Software and Hardware Needs
Designed and Completed the Conference Kits

(Publishing, Printing, and Distribution of all Materials)
Coordinated and Facilitated numerous meetings, dialogues, exhibitions, and conferences
Provided technical and support services for use of computer and multimedia

 Housing and Food Services
Information Technology Survey Coordinator
Company Name Housing and Food Services
Dates Employed Jan 1999 – Jan 2000 

Employment Duration1 yr 1 mo
Location University of Alberta
Designed and Coordinated a survey questionnaire
Collected Data, Analyzed, and provided a comprehensive report
Investigated the need for Internet connection and interest for

having computer rooms at residential living places on Campus

 Central Printing and Publishing of Ferdowsi University
IT Manager
Company Name Central Printing and Publishing of

Ferdowsi University
Dates EmployedJan 1992 – Apr 1994 

Employment Duration 2 yrs 4 mos
Location City of Mahhad
Designed, built, and managed a computer centre for digital publishing using Apple and Windows Based Computers and Software Programs
Hired and managed technician
Offered workshops for familiarizing the technicians

and existing publishing experts with the utilization

of relevant computer hardware and software programs for digital publishing

 Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
Managing Director
Company Name Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
Dates EmployedJan 1993 – Jan 1994 

Employment Duration1 yr 1 mo
Location City of Mashhad
Main Task: Production of the First Comprehensive University Catalogue

in Full Colour published in the History of Higher Education in Iran,
State of an Art catalogue: Rah-na-ma-ye Ja-ma, 1994 (1372, Persian Calendar)
Media (1)This position has 1 media
Ferdowsi University Catalogue, 1994
Ferdowsi University
Catalogue, 1994

This media is an image
 City of Mashhad Municipality
IT Archetict and Advisor
Company Name City of Mashhad Municipality
Dates EmployedJan 1992 – Jan 1994 

Employment Duration2 yrs 1 mo
LocationCity of Mashhad
Designed, built, and managed a computer centre

including a Training Room & a Engineering Drawing
Hired and managed technician, programmers, Auto Cad Specialists
Offered workshops for familiarizing the

directors with the utilization of relevant computer programs
Exploring and creating interest in two different departments for initial projects
Hiring and creating a team of programmers and system analyst to start the initial projects
1) Planning and Development Department
2) Engineers and Building Inspectors, City Planning Office
3) Human Resources, Finance and Accounting Office

 University of Ferdowsi
Excecutive Director, Office of Research and Education Planning,

Central Office
Company Name University of Ferdowsi
Dates EmployedJan 1990 – Jan 1994 

Employment Duration4 yrs 1 mo
Location Mashhad, Iran
Initiated the Largest Education Advancement Program known as Amozesh-Haye Azad in Iran at the University of Ferdowsi. A Degree Program within Existing Academic Environment Allowing Government Staff to Advance their Education and Certification. First and Most Successful Career Advancement Program in Iran. It Created many New Job Opportunities, Incentivized and Revitalized many Hopes and Dreams, and Brought Millions of new Incomes and Investments to Achieve New Progresses.
Created and Regulated an Opportunity for all Interested University Staff to Benefit from the Amoozesh-haye Azad
Linked the university with industries, public/private organizations for their educational and research needs
Initiated strategies to develop new programs and centres and expand the exiting ones as well by developing series of professional sustainable fundraising plans
Established an State of Art, Computer Laboratory for Desktop Publishing, at the Publishing and Printing Centre of the Ferdwosi University, as one of the Largest in the Country.
Published the First and Most Comprehensive University Catalogue in Colour in Iran in Persian Language and immediately an smaller version in English Language.
Organized the two largest Graduation Ceremonies both at Agricultural School level and University Wide for the first time after Islamic Revolution in Iran with the full Drectory of Graduate Alumni and Corresponding Departments.
Initiated an International Relationship for Scientific (Research and Teaching) Exchange Programs via a Mission by and Report Given to Ministry of Higher Education
Initiated and Implemented the First Phase of an Ambitious Campus-Wide Computerization Project (A central Office for all Information System) for all Administration and Registration Activities at the Computer and Statistic Central Office
Purposed and Established a Resource Room for Collecting and Archiving Agricultural Research Data at Local, Provincial National, and International Level (Agricola and Silver Platters)

 University Of Ferdowsi, Iran
Teaching and Research Assistant Professor
Company Name University Of Ferdowsi, Iran
Dates Employed Aug 1988 – Jan 1994 

Employment Duration5 yrs 6 mos
Location Agricultural Science School
Developed and Taught Courses in Agricultural Education

and Extension for all Undergraduate Program of Studies:
Agronomy, Animal Science, Food Sciences and Industries, Irrigation, Veterinarian Science, and Plant Pathology, and Agricultural Economic and Agricultural Machinery and Technology
Establishes an State of an Art Computer Laboratory in the Agricultural School
Developed Courses to Train Academic and Office Staff, Graduate and Undergraduate Students for: Statistical Analysis, Data Management, Publishing and Production of Educational and Research Materials, Presentation, Application Development, Archiving Materials, Accounting, and Inventory Control, and etc...
Establishes an Audio Visual Laboratory and Archival Room for Storing and maintaining all Equipment and Collecting Research and Educational Materials
Created many Job Opportunities for Student Employment and Career Development

 University of Ferdowsi
Working Summary: Assistant professor,

Executive Director, Research Chairman, Project Leader
Company Name University of Ferdowsi
Dates Employed Aug 1988 – Jan 1994 

Employment Duration5 yrs 6 mos
Location Mashhad, Iran

Project Leader, VP Research Office,

University Central Press 1993-1994
University of Ferdowsi
Designed and established a Desktop Publishing Centre at the University of
Ferdowsi Press (one of the largest university presses in Iran)

Executive Director, Office of Research and Educational Programs 1989-1994
University of Ferdowsi
Implemented projects for the expansion of university education and research
Linked the university with industries and public/private organizations

Chairman, Vice-President Academic Central Office 1989-1994
University of Ferdowsi
Proposed and organized the Computerization Project for Information Systems
Planned and implemented the first phase of an ambitious campus-wide
computerization project

Coordinator, Vice-President Academic Central Office 1989-1994
University of Ferdowsi
Published the first University of Ferdowsi catalogue

Lecturer (Morabbi) & Director, School of Agriculture 1988-1994
University of Ferdowsi
Taught Four undergraduate and one graduate course per term (Agricultural
Education & Extension, Application of Computers to Agricultural Studies &
Research, as well as Instructional Technology)
Designed and established a computer laboratory, an Archival Center for Agricultural Extension and Research Publications and an Audio Visual Training and Storage Room.

 Central Post Office
Senior IT Advisor
Company NameCentral Post Office
Dates EmployedJan 1990 – Jan 1993  Employment Duration3 yrs 1 mo
LocationCity of Mashhad, Province of Khorasan
Designed, built, and managed a computer centre
Hired and managed technician and programmers
Offered workshops for familiarizing the directors with the utilization of relevant computer programs
Exploring and creating interest in two different departments for initial projects
Hiring and creating a team of programmers and system analyst to start the initial projects
1) Shipping Department
2) Finance and Accounting Office

 Management Information System (MIS), Utah Branch
Sales Advisor, Educator, and Consultant,
Company NameManagement Information System (MIS), Utah Branch
Dates EmployedJan 1982 – Apr 1988  Employment Duration6 yrs 4 mos
LocationLogan Utah
Designed and offered training workshops to young adults, students, academic and administrative staff, farmers, seniors, and individuals with limited mobility using wheelchair to learn hands on experience for how:
To shop Personal Computers Parts (Hardware) and corresponding Software applications
To bench test, troubleshoot, repair, and replace parts for assembly and installation of all hardware and software components
To operate personal computers of interest as an Independent Technician (IT) for Personal Computers (PC)
That included all following models and parts:
Game Playing Computers: Commodore 1&2, Atari
Apple II, II Plus, IIe
DOS and Windows 3.0 based PC XT Systems (8086, 8087, & 8088), AT Systems (80286 & 80386)
Mother Board, memory chip sets, controller boards, power supply, storage hard disk and disk drives, controllers boards for printer, video, and modem and other auxiliaries and accessories such as Monitors, Acoustic phone, Couplers, Cables, control lights and switches, Printers (DM, NLQ LQ, IJ, Laser), Digital Pen, Mouse,

external drives, scanner, storage devices, modems, fax and etc.
All software tools and utility programs
Hardware and Software installations, Modem connections and setup
Virus prevention, protection,

and removal from storage devices such as hard disk and floppy disks
Lock and security components and protection setup by passwords





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